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Thor: Love and Thunder a brief non-spoiler review

Thor: Love and Thunder a brief non-spoiler review


Thor: Love & Thunder was released last night, the 7th of July 2022 in the UK and like so many, for me it was a family event, tickets bought, bums on seats and popcorn at the ready.

I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I’ve been looking forward to Thor: Love and Thunder since it was announced back in July 2019. Not seen the trailer yet? here it is.

Did this meet all my expectations? Nope! Was it good? Yes, it was good enough, but there was definitely room for improvement.

So when I personally go to see a Marvel film what am I wanting to see? Well in any Thor film I am wanting to see a visually impressive film, comedy, a great story with a contribution to the overall arch to the rest of the MCU (or at least parts of it), Thor’s character development and emotionally a lot of up’s and downs. So let’s break it down.

By the way, I am going to write this with the intention of not giving any spoilers or as few as possible.

An amazing visual spectacle?

Thor: Love and Thunder has all the ingredients required to develop a visual masterpiece. So, we have Gods in epic number, Gorr, the God butcher, The Guardians, Dr Jane Foster becoming the Mighty Thor, The Shadow Realm and more fight scenes you can shake a stick at.

Everything to do with colour and the absence of colour is fantastic, visually, this side of it exceeds all expectations. Gorr, portrayed by Christian Bale, is visually menacing, and the grey scale of the character just adds to the character. Thor and Mighty Thor costume design was on point and maybe the closest representation of the comic book version of the Mighty Thor we’ve seen to date. The visual designs of the multiple Gods were brilliant and added to the humorous tone of the film multiple times. The fight scenes were epic and were in most parts visually satisfying.

The CGI of certain characters, mostly within fight scenes, is sometimes a little off the mark. However, it doesn’t make a huge difference but it is the difference between great and epic.

An extremely fun movie

Thor: Love and Thunder is a very funny movie. It’s full of energy, humour and action.

The movie makes a number of call-backs, as well as introduces new characters. However, everything has a common theme and that is comedy. That is everyone but Gorr, a pattern we’ve seen in the antagonists of a Taika Waititi Thor films.

The Movie straight away, brings in the Guardians of the Galaxy, who spend 10-20 minutes-ish with Thor until sent on their merry way, possibly on their way to the Holiday special? This straight away sets the tone of the film, funny with a rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

One of the best things about Thor: Love and Thunder are that it is full of humour. Not only does this help to make the film more enjoyable, but it also makes the film more light-hearted than the themes they are trying to tackle within the storyline. Unfortunately, there are elements of the film that are not as hard-hitting, maybe because of this reason may be the set-up has just not been quite right, but the comedy is on point.

A great killer soundtrack?

Not for me. I love Guns ‘n’ Roses but this film is heavily influenced by them, and for me their songs were not used in the right place and a bit too much. I won’t say where I would have put the songs for fear of spoilers.

Thor Love and Thunder is brilliant, just a little rough around the edges.

Thor Love and Thunder is nothing short of brilliant, however, it had the potential to be perfect.

This movie was not the best Thor movie to date. Thor: Ragnarok for me takes that title.

The cinematography was incredibly well done you could tell that they had spent a lot of time making sure it looked as good as possible. The action scenes were especially fun to watch; they weren’t too fast-paced or slow-moving. They were just right.

Conclusion – Go watch it

In conclusion, Thor Love and Thunder is a fun, exciting ride that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for fans of the Marvel universe. With dazzling visuals and a good soundtrack, Thor: Love and Thunder will make you happy that you watched it but may not scratch every itch.

Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments


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