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Summoners War! Kro!

Summoners War! Kro!

This monster is another amazing unit for early game he is a secret dungeon unit which is available on dark dungeon days. He can also be summoned out of light and dark scrolls. He is known as an inugami but his awakening name is Kro. This amazing single target nuker also has a 2A so you can make him as powerful as ever. He is a good unit for doing massive burst damage he’s the one you need.

He is also another unit that is amazing in many areas of the game, he is most useful in your beginning gb12 team (giants b12 team). below you’ll see a picture of a beginners gb10/gb12 team this team is 100% consistent if you have the runes and is very much free to play(f2p) friendly, we will also post about the other units seen in the screenshot.

As said previously in the post Kro also available for 2A or in other words second awakening. For those who don’t know secondary awakening a unit will greatly increase their base states except for speed that will not increase. so the screenshot below will show the secondary awakening b5 stage, the requirement for that stage is only 4 star and below unit so here’s a team underneath that is available.

Fun fact Kro damage will do more damage according to the amount of debuffs on the enemy. so below I’m going to show before and after shot of Kro personally I feel like the new look for Kro is amazing much better than the original.

Before the secondary awaking (2A)

After the secondary awaking (2A)

A normal early game rune build for this amazing unit would be Fatal, Blade. Late to mid game it’s most likely to switch to Rage, Blade for big burst damage, these are the type of builds you would normally see on a powerful damage dealer within the game.




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