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Rick and Morty Series 5 Episode 3

Rick and Morty Series 5 Episode 3

Rick and Morty Series 5 Episode 3

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Rick and Morty season 5 episode 3 "A Rickconvienient Mort"

Credit: Adult Swim


“A Rickconvienient Mort”

Rick and Morty are planning a boys trip with custom t-shirts when their plans are interrupted by a downpour of acid rain created by Diesel Weasel. We are then introduced to Planetina, an elemental Superhero who arrives to save the day and defeat Diesel Weasel.

Who is Planetina?

Planetina is an Earth-saving, super-green, Vegan Superhero created by four Childen from each major ethnicity, chosen by Mother Earth who combine their elemental rings of Dirt, Water, Wind and Fire to summon Planetina. Planetina describes herself as a Conservationist Super Person fighting against the pollution of Earth.

She’s too old for you.

Morty introduces himself to Planetina, and sparks fly from the off, which discourages Rick immediately.  Morty sets up a date with Planetina suggesting ice cream, but as she explains she is a vegan, they settle for a place that serves cruelty free doughnuts. We are then taken back to the Smith family home, where Morty is showing a publicity video for Planetina to his mother, Beth.

Beth raises her concerns about the age of Planetina Summer also rants about the unfairness of Morty dating a ‘Phase four superhero’ an obvious jab at the Marvel franchise after Taylor Murphy has dumped her, and Rick again shows his dismay about Morty forming an outside relationship.


Rick invites Summer to join him on his adventure to travel across the three planets Moglutz, Slartivart and Ferkus 9, all of which with be extinct in the near future. His plan is to attend the end of life parties on each of the planets and push the boundaries sexually.

With Morty being free from the clutches of Rick, he decides to attend a wildfire to reunite himself with Planetina. Morty asks Beth to buy him the train ticket, but she refuses, angered Morty storms out of the house.

A relationship is born.

Morty attends the Wildfire and saves a rabbit from certain death as Planetina uses Ice to put out all the wildfire. Morty Moves in to set up a second date when we are introduced to the Planetina’s ‘Children’, named collectively as the Tina-Teers. They are pushy towards Planetina and Morty and make reference to Planetina’s weight.

Morty, being introduced to the press and at which point confirms that they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Further on to this, later in the episode, we see Morty alone in his room after receiving a bunch of flowers from Planetina. They are texting, and Planetina turns up at the house and enters Morty’s room through the window.

Party on Rick, Party on Summer

Rick and summer lay down ground rules for the parties ahead, which are basically no whining and no getting attached to the locals who are about to perish. Then, finally, they arrive on Moglutz, where Rick creates an attachment with a Mortglutzian named Daphne.

We later cut to the end of the party on Moglutz, where Summer, who has identified herself as Mrs Obama, ditches two of the aliens by asking them to retrieve her purse from the bar. She Meets Rick at the car where they leave just before the destruction of the planet, and while they are on course to the next planet, we hear a ‘Hello’ come from the trunk of the vehicle.

The Death of the Children

We skip to a convention for Planetina, and in front of a large crowd, the children summon Planetina, who appears but so does Morty as they appear in an embrace. The Children of Planetina are shocked and mad at the reveal of Morty, and we learn of their intentions to sell Planetina.

One of the Children ‘Eddie’ voiced by Steve Buscemi, says he will deal with Morty.

Morty is tied to a chair in a closet of sorts and being watched by two security guards. Eddie enters the room and tells the guards to leave. Morty and Eddie argue about Planetina, with Eddie stating that they Own her. Morty attacks Eddie and, in a scuffle, breaks free. Biting Eddie’s finger off, Morty obtains the fire ring and kills him and the guards who also re-enter the room.

We are next shown a room with the other three children negotiating the sale of Planetina to what appears to be a Saudi prince. Still, he introduces himself later as an individual character that represents no group. Morty, disguised as a Pizza delivery guy, enters the room, throws Eddie’s skull on the table, and then proceeds to battle with the others, resulting in the death of the children and Morty obtaining the other rings.

Partay – round 2

We are then taken to Rick and Summers next party on Slartivart, where Summer is being invited to a suicide party where everyone is going to shoot themselves. Unfortunately, the crowd are distracted by Rick and Daphne dancing together. Annoyed, Summer yells at Rick for breaking the agreed-upon rules of the trip.

We are taken to them abandoning the planet as it is sucked into a black hole. Summer is alone in the front of the vehicle and is then joined by Daphne to Summers dismay. They discuss Rick taking Daphne all over the galaxy and how they are soul mates. Summer argues that there’s only one ‘chick’ for Rick, and that is her.

Morty and Planetina take it to the next level.

We cut back to the Smith household where Morty, Planetina, Beth, and Jerry play a board game and discuss Morty’s and Planetina’s relationship. Morty breaks the news they are going to move in together, and Beth shows her resentment to the concept, forbids him from doing so and tells Planetina to leave the house.

Morty breaks down and shouts at beth about how he is underestimated and an outcast, and Planetina is the only one who makes him feel like he belongs. Finally, Morty meets Planetina outside, and they fly off, with beth begging for Morty to return.

We are then taken to a series of clips of Morty and Planetina as their relationship develops. Planetina starts to go on a destructive spree killing humans to stop them from destroying the Earth. Morty, devastated by the actions of Planetina, breaks down in floods of tears.


The true nature of Daphne and the closing of the episode

We are taken to the third and final planet ‘Ferkus 9′. We see Rick slow dancing with Daphne, and Summer is still protesting their relationship. The Astroid destined to destroy the planet fast approaches, but Rick refuses to leave or have any fun with Summer. Summer jumps into the car and flies towards the asteroid, and destroys it with one of the vehicle’s weapons, saving the planet.

Daphne, now not at any risk of imminent death, loses interest in Rick while the inhabitants’ protest, having to return to work the following day.

Rick and summer leave to return home, and we cut back to Morty alone in his bedroom receiving texts from his Planetina.

Planetina, from outside Morty’s window, begs for Morty’s affection. Morty explains that he cannot love her, and she leaves. Beth embraces Morty to reassure him, as sobs about the loss of his love, and the episode ends.



Another episode where Morty is flying with a solid solo story, and nice to see Summer with more screen time. However, this episode, where it is great, is a meh compared to the first, in my own opinion. However, I do love that how after 4 previous seasons, the character development is still there—summer and Morty, especially, with Summer being more humorous and  Morty being more independent.

Finally, on a separate note, is half of this episode, especially with the Phase four Marvel stab early in the episode, a jab on the storyline of the Disney+ series Loki or just a coincidence?

Let us know your review and thought in the comments section below.

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