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Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory!

Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory!

For a lot of us, we have all seen that the earth is in fact round and this has been scientifically proven when NASA and other space exploration companies have gone to space, however, some people believe that the earth is in fact flat.

The flat earth theory is the theory of the earth being flat instead of round. This means there is an end to the world somewhere, however, this has not been discovered.

This theory came out of nowhere in the modern age, even some influencers have stated that they think the earth is flat, with Logan Paul creating a series called about it.

In 2017, there was a poll created about the flat earth theory. This was only in America however and according to this poll, 1% of Americans believe that the earth is in fact flat, with 6% of people saying they don’t know what to believe. This is a strange occurrence as there has been scientific proof of the earth being round.

Some believe that the reason why the earth is flat is due to the planes in our sky and some drawings that were made not too long ago.

Flat earth

Image Credit: Amanda Carden

The plane theory supports the flat earth theory. The theory is the earth is flat due to how the planes act in the sky, if the earth wasn’t flat… why would the planes go straight instead of going up and down on an angle going to their destination. Suggesting that the earth is flat as the planes go straight instead of going kind of in a circular motion towards the destination. This could be due to where the planes are and how high planes are, however, this is just one of many theories been made about the flat earth.

Some images did emerge from the depths of the world, of ancient Greece believing that the earth was in fact flat as there were world maps being flat.

The theory suggests there is an end to the world, meaning someone can fall off the edge of the world as we know it and that NASA is hiding this from us. There are a lot of YouTube videos that have stated that they have seen the end of the earth but no true evidence suggests this.

This conspiracy to me isn’t a debate, however, there will always be someone believing this, however for me, I don’t believe the earth is flat but you are welcome to do so. As this is a matter of opinion. The evidence for me is leaning towards the earth being round.

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