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Week 1 of Love Island Series 7 Run down

Week 1 of Love Island Series 7 Run down

Week one of Love Island Series 7

I think we would all agree this year seems to have been slow to start, however so far there have been a few moments that have made us raise an eyebrow, shocked us, or made us giggle, here are some of the highlights of the first week.

Poor Shannon! The poor girl hadn’t even been in there 5 minutes before Chloe burst in and stole her man Arron which led to a shock dumping just 48 hours in.

We watched Faye call Brad a see you a next Tuesday, which we are glad she got that off her chest!

Liam and Chuggs entered the Villa taking Faye & Sharon on a date.

Faye then cracked on slightly with Hugo (we were rooting for him) but then was stolen away by new boy Liam in the recoupling. Chloe stepped in and watched to give their connection ago and coupled up with Hugo.

Jake said he may have doubts about his coupling with Liberty, however, they remain together, for now!

The wonderful Rachel entered the villa, and she had the choice of single Brad and Chuggs to choose from. In the recoupling 24 hours later, Rachel coupled up with Brad and Chuggs was dumped from the Island.

In the challenge so far we found out that Hugo has had sex in the middle of a road and kissed 10 girls in one night!

Faye is worried that Liams just not all that into her and needs a bit more banter from him

Rachel feels a bit let down by Brad as she confides in Faye that Brad had told her to get to know other people after telling her she was his type.

Toby takes a bit of a leap of faith and tells Kaz he likes her, he is just worried about it as it’s his first relationship.

Arron is a bit concerned that Sharon might not have time for kids might be a deal-breaker for him!

Liberty is scared she has put her eggs into one basket too soon.

Although a little bit slow to start this year we are hoping through the weeks we will see love blossom, and maybe a bit of drama but who knows! We left wondering what is going to happen as Hugo is left in tears and two new girls are set to come in and shake it up a bit!

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