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FIFA 22: All you need to know about the Future Stars Promo!

FIFA 22: All you need to know about the Future Stars Promo!

FIFA 22 have released a brand new promo called Future Stars, this promo is to show everyone who the future of football could be, from players who are playing well in the league at a young age, to those who have seemingly done well and looked like they would be apart of the future of Football, however not every player will get to that stage, as we have seen in the past. This year, EA Sports FIFA decided to change it up a bit.

With Icon Swaps being very popular, EA have added Future Stars Tokens, the average FIFA player would have to complete a lot of challenges to get one of these Tokens, however one is given for free. These tokens will be useful for something in the future, for example, if someone has 25 Tokens, they maybe able to get a Future Stars player that is only available in the item shop through tokens!

This is team 1 of Future Stars and the next team will be released very soon. And this is what the Player would win if they completed the Tokens!

  •  25 Tokens – Future Stars Team 1 Player Pick of 3 Players
  • 20 Tokens – 89 Rated Future Stars Connor Gallagher
  • 15 Tokens – 85+ x10 Player Pack
  • 12 Tokens- 88 Rated Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong
  • 12 Tokens – Future Stars Team 1, 1 Player Pack
  • 8 Tokens – 86 Rated Future Stars Jeremie Frimpong
  • 5 Tokens – Ultimate Pack
  • 3 Tokens – 81-89 Rated x10 Player Pack
  • 2 Tokens – Rare Players Pack

These are all the rewards the average FIFA Player could win. If they collect all the Future Stars Tokens, however not many fans of the game would notice this! For more FIFA 22 news, click here! To join the FIFA 22 group, click here!

Banner and Image Credit: EA Sports

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