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FIFA 22: New Promo!

FIFA 22: New Promo!

Recently, there have been a lot of FIFA Players willing to leave the game as there is nothing really new to play. With FUT Champs having terrible rewards, Division Rivals having awful giveback rates, and players already having amazing teams, there is no need to play as much, however, now there is a brand new promo that could bring back all the players!

This promo is called FUT Captains! The main premise of this promo, is well simple, if the footballer has been captain of their club, they get a FUT Captain card. As all FIFA players know, this will only affect some players in the game. Here are two confirmed players, and this is rumored to be confirmed!

Image Credit: Cassiano Correia

Mings from Aston Villa has been leaked and or confirmed to be a part of this promo, the card could be a 90 rated card with some insane stats. This could be the next big center-back in the game, and the next big claim for a lot of FIFA players as this card could be insane.

Another Card that has been leaked will make a lot of FIFA players get annoyed as he has been one of the most overpowered cards in the history of FIFA. Ben Yedder! This card will more than likely be better than any other card we have seen in FIFA 22. Another card for the French Striker!

Here is a list of some players that could make it to the team!

  • Lloris
  • Koke
  • Noble
  • Henderson
  • Dubois
  • Hector
  • Quagliarella
  • Muniain
  • Cooper

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Banner and Image Credit: Konstantin Savusia

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