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The Resident! Season 1 Episode 13

Run Doctor Run

We start the episode seeing Conrad running after someone and then in the next scene we see Devon running after a patient and she grabs a scale to defend herself and she run out the hospital and get hit by an ambulance.

We then see Dr Austin in action once again in surgery but this time we have Dr Bell observing when Dr Austin holds a surgical tool to him and does a little bit before handing back to Dr Austin.

We get brought to Nic next who is on the phone to the police claiming a man is following her and it really making her feel unsafe but they don’t see all that pleased.

We then see York make a return but this time not for himself but bringing his mother in as she needs help. We then go back to Nic who is at her sister house she goes inside and see her on the floor due to a drug overdose and she rushes to help her as fast as she could and takes her to Chastain. Conrad comfort Nic as she was in distressed over her sister.

We then find out York mother can have an awake surgery and both Mina and Dr Austin explain it all to her and York we also learn her mother as an STD.

We then see Nic with her sister and Conrad comes to see how she doing you can clearly see Nic family is important. Nic sister feels like a burden not wanting to be a liability.

Nic get locked up and then Conrad goes to look after her sister but her sister was very against the idea. Nic got set up while she tired her best to get stuff against Dr Hunter.

The Review

This episode gave us a better insight into Nic as a person she is someone who truly cares about family however it was sad to see her get set up just because she wanted to protect more people from the wrath of Dr Hunter what made it worse she got hurt by one of her own friends


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