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Arcane! Season 1 Episode 1!

Arcane! Season 1 Episode 1!

Welcome to the playground

The episode start off as what seems to be a mess of an aftermath of war, it has a very sinister feel. We then see what looks like to be an officer holding a gun in the smoke. Then we come of to a pair of children the youngest one singing a lullaby hiding her eyes from the site. They come across a man who has just seemed to finish another off. They look at the man knowing he was okay and seem to ask for there parents. Where we then see one dead, the oldest of the child begins to cry and youngest holds onto her tighter.

The man from the fight drops his weapons and picks the kids up seeming to carry them away from the mess wanting to keep them safe.

In the next seen we see the older child and younger child with a few friends climbing a building, we learn that the youngest one is called Powder and the oldest one is called Vi. They seem to be up to be up to no good. Vi gives Powder some encouraging words to jump across a roof top. They stop and jump on a balcony  and break into a fancy looking room and begin to loot it for anything valuable.

However when they are looting Powder seems to find some sort of gem that looked beautiful, it them shows them having to block the door from someone coming in. Powder had dropped on of the gems and it caused a whole side of one building to blow up. The kids begin to make a run for it with what loot they had avoiding being chased by what police are called in this is enforcers. There only escape was down what seemed like a sewer pipe.

The kids had escape the enforcers however then they bump into what seems like a small gang. They ask for a bit of treasures and Vi happily hits the leader with the bag and a fight begins to break out. Powder was sat out holding the loot watching everything she was scared since she was clearly the youngest. However she get forced to run when one of them finally pays attention to her.

Powder ends up hiding behind a corner and tires to use her own type of grenade, but in order to protect herself and has throws the loot into the water.

In the next scene, it shows them all together going down to what we learn is called the undercity, which seems to be a place for people with little money and thieves, so the more poor side of the this large city. They go to a bar called the last drop.

We learn about the man name who saved both Vi and Powder is called Vander.

Vander goes to back and begins to lecture the kids about what they did, Vi tries to argue her point but he was having non of it he really wanted to protect the kids and he was going to aim to do just that. He asked where they got the job and Powder cracks telling Vander just that.

Vander is seen going to a place called Benny’s and he going to ask about the job with what happen on the kids job they were doing,

We then move onto a scene where we see enforcers going into the undercity and the head enforcer seems to come into Benny’s to talk to Vander who is the known for being the head of the undercity. They seem to have a very quiet discussion and it seems they work together in a lot of way but this time she needed a name but Vander refuses to give up a name at all.


This was an amazing a great opening to the series of Arcane and it was very interesting and unique. I enjoyed a lot of it myself watching it and taking all the characters in and the things going on around the show.



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