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The Simpsons: Hit and Run… Do we want a remaster?

The Simpsons: Hit and Run… Do we want a remaster?

One of the greatest games in history, one game a lot of gaming fans have been asking for, and one that a lot of people can’t remember beating. The Simpsons: Hit and Run is known for being a great game for those die-hard gamers… But will this be remastered?

A game like this deserves a remaster or at least the game to be backward compatible towards Xbox or PlayStation. A lot of fans have been asking for it however the company that made this game hasn’t even said anything about making a remaster or Xbox saying it can be backward compatible.

This game has been on the cards for a lot of people, some fans are going to extreme lengths in creating mods to allow this game to run on their PC. Why is this so appealing?

For most fans, this game was fun… Something about going to the shop for Marge, trying to collect donuts, and hitting wasps was so much fun for a lot of gamers. Maybe it was the adventure while being a Simpsons character… Maybe the game was great or maybe it was the first GTA-style game that fans played before being at the right age to play GTA. The game was just interesting, to say the least.

For a lot of gamers, they will want a remastered version of this game, and or this game to be backward compatible, as this game was so interesting for some of us and very fun to play… Would you want this game to be backward compatible or Remastered?

Banner and Image Credit: Haelen Haagen

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