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Dead by Daylight! The Nemesis!

Dead by Daylight! The Nemesis!


Nemesis T-Type or The Nemesis is one of 26 Killers  currently featured in Dead by Daylight .He was introduced as the Killer of CHAPTER XX: Resident Evil, a Chapter DLC released on 15 June 2021. He originates from the video game franchise Resident Evil, specifically the 2020 remake of Resident Evil 3.

The Nemesis is an unrelenting Killer, capable of attacking at mid-range with his tentacle, while receiving support from Zombies roaming the area. His personal Perks, Lethal Pursuer , Hysteria , and Eruption , allow him to quickly ambush Survivors, while sowing confusion and fear when injuring and hooking them. Difficulty rating: Intermediate


Resident Evil

The Nemesis is a Model T-103 Tyrant, a superhuman bio-organic weapon mass-produced by Umbrella Corporation.
Unlike previous prototypes, it possessed near-human intelligence and could follow orders.
It was flown into Raccoon City alongside other Tyrants and ordered to eliminate any remaining members of S.T.A.R.S., including Jill Valentine.

The Nemesis, like all T-103 Tyrants, was infected with the T-Virus  during its creation.
However, due the T-Virus degrading the host’s brain and causing a decline in intelligence to the degree of making it impossible for the host to follow complex orders, T-103s were additionally infected with the NE-α Parasite , which would take control of the host’s body, bypassing the degrading brain and providing The Nemesis with near-human intelligence.

When The Nemesis uses his tentacle, it is not actually a tentacle, but the parasite within him, as the NE-α Parasite is a worm-like creature.

Dead by Daylight

Designed by Umbrella Corporation, The Nemesis is a nearly unstoppable bio-organic weapon fixated on pursuing and eliminating its targets.
Part of the Tyrant T-103 series, this specimen has increased intelligence and awareness due to the NE-α Parasite implanted within it.
Its first mission unleashed it upon Racoon City, where it had a singular objective: exterminate S.T.A.R.S. members.
Rampaging through the city, The Nemesis faced off against Jill Valentine multiple times, and though she managed to escape, he was never far behind.
He nearly had his target, when a strange fog descended upon them, mixing with the smoke of a city in chaos.
The phenomenon meant nothing to him—the frigid cold and decreased oxygen never posing a threat.
All that mattered was soldiering on into The Fog, continuing the mission: find S.T.A.R.S., exterminate S.T.A.R.S., and kill anyone who gets in the way.


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