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Real or Fake? Baby Spiders Wonder After Spider Crushed?

Real or Fake? Baby Spiders Wonder After Spider Crushed?

Spiders, they are one of the most hated species in the world. Not a lot of people like them, nor will they ever let one on them, others will allow them to crawl all over them and even have one as a pet. Like Exotics Lair on YouTube. This YouTuber has a lot of Spiders living in his home, he buys and sells them, however this one family saw a Wolf Spider, which is known to be a rather large Spider. The couple wanted to stop it from going around the house but something happens, is this real? Or is this fake? Lets find out!

This video claims to show a guy trying to kill a Wolf Spider and after hitting the Spider, a ton of baby spiders started crawling out of their “mother” and the Wolf Spider tired to escape. This can happen as Spiders carry baby’s in their sack on their backs, however this could be fake still. This however is a possible real video, there seems to be no cuts or anything that seems edited from this video, which to me indicates something, however not many videos nowadays can be like this!

This video that claims to show Spiders crawling out of their “mothers” back after being struck has been examined and cleared, this is a real video! Published all over Facebook to begin with in 2015, the National Geographic managed to get the video and posted it to their channel. To read about how this was possible, click here!

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Banner and Image Credit: Oxana Stepanova

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