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Fortnite Season 4!

Fortnite Season 4!

Fortnite has released a new update recently. A very odd one as no one has a clue how this “Chrome” effect came into the world of Fortnite, however, the update has changed a lot of things. There are new movement mechanics, new guns and new vaults that can be opened throughout the map. Everyone thought Fortnite was going back to the old map… This was not the case!

Fortnite recently released a brand new update which has got many players returning to the game to check it out.

Many fans were expecting the world to return back to the old map, which is what the fans wanted, more like a throwback type of map with all the new features and many some of the new guns and map areas. They decided to go with a different approach to the world of Fortnite.

Now, there are 2 new guns, one new mechanic which can win anyone a game in the battle royal, and some new features that could change everything.

Chrome is the new invasion in Fortnite. Taking over the world and taking over anything that touches it! The new mechanic involves the player becoming chrome. This allows them to go into a chrome blob for say and travel around the map for a couple of minutes before going back to the normal character. This could allow for some incredible plays and hiding spots.

Another addition is the guns that are returned and the guns that are new! EvoChrome shotgun and assault riffle was added, this allows the player to upgrade their guns from common to mythic. The other guns that returned were the Sniper rifle, which is over 250 damage, meaning players in no build are no longer safe and saw the return of the suppressed submachine gun.

The new map… not what everyone was expecting, with only 4 new locations.

The new vaults however are scattered around the map with one way to get into them. Via keys, to get the keys they can drop from chests and or floor loot.

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