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Real or Fake? New Largest Crocodile?

Real or Fake? New Largest Crocodile?

For the average twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram user, they will see something and believe that this is true. For some of us, they will question this. The world is a massive place with a lot of things happening, good things and bad things, however one of these things is breaking records. The longest Crocodile to be exact. There has been a new record, but is this real?

The current record for the longest ever known Crocodile, as there could be a bigger one that we may have not seen, is a Croc by the name of Lolong. 40 feet long and weighed 17,600 pounds.

Image Credit: https://philnews.ph/

According to this picture above, this is the new “largest Crocodile” in the world, looking at it first glance this seems to be the real deal. The detail looks spot on and everything about it is seemingly good, however with every picture or video there is a backstory to it.

This picture that claims to show the new largest crocodile has been looked at and found out. This is actually very rea… FAKE! Another day, Another FAKE! This is actually a prop for a movie about Crocodiles! A great prop at that! Fooled a lot of people!

Banner and Image Credit:Dirk Ercken

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