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E3 News! Contraband!

E3 News! Contraband!

Contraband this game is a co-op fictional game which can be known as a smuggler paradise set in the 1970s. Unfortunately for us the cinematic trailer doesn’t give much away from the game itself, however it  has been confirmed that the Xbox Series X|S and Windows 10 to also extend that is coming to the Xbox Game Pass when it launches.

Below you can watch the official announce trailer for Contraband.

This game is released by Avalanche Studio,You probably known for its actions games like the Just Cause series and Mad Max. To add more fuel fire there has been a rumour spinning around Xbox Games Studios is planning to acquire the studio, this partnership is very intriguing.

In a different press release, the Xbox Games Studios have told us that Contraband is being built with latest iterations of the Apex Engine by Avalanche.

The picture below is just a picture from the game

Unfortunately there no gameplay trailer but were hoping to see some.

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