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E3 News! Back 4 Blood!

E3 News! Back 4 Blood!

Exciting for news zombie fans, Warner Bros confirms the release of the latest zombie game coming to all consoles on the 12th October 2021! This game is also linked to the created to the amazing game Left 4 Dead series! Everyone hopes this game will just as amazing game at that very series. It is a first person shoot (fps), survival horror game.

WB Games has confirmed that this game is a co-op zombie shooter so make sure you get your group ready to come fight of the hoards of zombies in Back 4 Blood! This a cooperative story campaign based game.

Below is a trailer from Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.

The game places you right in the middle of the war against the ridden hoards, as these unfortunate humans host one of the most deadly parasites known to humanity. These deadly new parasites have turned what rest of humanity these host once had into dust as they swept though the city devouring what was ever left of the civilizations. This mean the world is yours and friends hand to save what left of humanity and rid the world of this horrific outbreak.

If you pre-order the game your will receive the fort of hope elite exclusive weapon skin. In addition for anyone who is with the Game Pass weather that be on PC or Xbox, this game will be dropping hot on the day or released so be ready to prep your downloads with this bloody filled game of zombie destruction.

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