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NFL Owners Vote for Changes To The Instant Replay Rules

After the controversy following the missed pass interference play in the NFC Conference Championship, which in all probability cost the Saints a place in the Super Bowl a motion to change the rules on Booth reviews and Instant Replays was passed. Basically, it reads:

For one year only –  expand the reviewable plays in Instant Replay to include pass interference, called or not called on the field. Also expands automatic replay reviews to include scoring plays and turnovers negated by a foul, and any Try attempt (extra point or two-point conversion).

What this means is that now any team can throw the red flag and challenge a blatant non-call for a foul like the body slam that Nickell Robey-Coleman laid on Tommylee Lewis in the above game. The only person who didn’t think it was a foul was the nearest ref and Robey- Coleman was subsequently fined for the hit. Not much consolation for New Orleans – but under the rules a pretty smart play by the defender, given it saved a TD.

The other main discussion point was the overtime possession rule – ironically stemming from the other Championship game, which New England won by scoring a TD on the opening drive. The Chiefs wanted each team to have a chance with the ball – so eliminating the current coin toss bias which gives an edge to the team who gets the ball first.  It didn’t get very far in this meeting but will be argued again when the league holds its annual Spring Meeting this May. So it’s not totally dead yet.

The overall rule changes approved can be found here

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