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NFL Vote Overtime Changes – AAF Or College Style Option On The Table?

NFL Vote Overtime Changes – AAF Or College Style Option On The Table?

Following the controversy generated by the Championship games in 2018 both of which ended in overtime and in the Chief’s case meant that they didn’t get a chance at the ball, there is a possibility that a further overhaul could take place. Currently, if the first team with the ball scores a Touchdown on the opening play then the game ends without the opponents getting a chance to reply. If they score a Field Goal then the other side does get the ball and can win it with a TD. This gives the team that wins the coin toss an advantage, currently winning 52.7% of the time. The problem is that if the NFL adopted a College style system the odds are worse 54.9%.

So is the Alliance of American Football (AAF) method the way forward? Well the first AAF game went to overtime this week with the team’s alternate first-and-goal possessions from the 10-yard line. Each getting one try at scoring a touchdown, no field goals allowed & compulsory two-point conversions. This is not ideal but it made for compulsive viewing (much like a penalty shootout in Soccer) and with both teams guaranteed a shot it is a lot fairer while making it less likely to drag on, which is the main criticism of the current system. It would also pretty much end tied games unless a cap on tries was introduced.

With a population sample of one there is no way to tell if it eliminates coin toss bias, however, the rule could be set to allow the home team the choice given they are in their own stadium or vice versa. Anyway whichever way the owners go it has become obvious that something needs doing even if it’s just for the postseason. 

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