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Did You Know… The Stone Age Tribe!

Did You Know… The Stone Age Tribe!

Nowadays, there is a lot of technology that is around, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to food, tech and more. The issues we face is if we have enough money to afford a house, however there is one island that has no tech and they have been said to not discover fire yet. 

North Sentinel Island is one of the mysterious islands of all time. There is a lot of information about them, however we know nothing about them as well.

This island is the last remaining island that has the stone age, a small and or huge tribe that is located near India and Port Blair.

The tribe is known as the North Sentinelese and they have yet to discover a lot of things as of yet.

This is an uncontacted tribe, there has been some attempts to get to the tribe, however they have all failed but one!

One nearly went successful, however they are known to attack anyone that comes towards them.

One man by the name of John Allen tried to get to the island and failed, and unfortunately died due to him going to the island and try to spread the religion of his to them.

It is known that they attack and since this, the Indian government have stopped those from going to this island!

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