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The Real Life Jaws?

The Real Life Jaws?

Sharks are one of the biggest topics in the world, considering one of the biggest sharks called the Megalodon is rumoured to still be in our ocean, however the movie Jaws was based on true evens, and there has been some events similar in South Africa!

There is a legend that has been haunting the oceans of South Africa for some time now. There has been sightings of a rather large shark that the locals call “the Submarine”.

The legends of this shark started as far back as the 70s and or the 80s. There were sightings by a lot of fishermen at the time off the coast of False Bay that reported seeing a shark bigger than anything they have ever seen before.

Not only this, some shark hunters in South Africa have claimed to have hooked the beast, however “The Submarine” was too strong.

The description of the shark was so massive that it could have been considered one of the largest sharks of it’s kind.


The description of the shark is very minimal as there was not much to go off.

The only information that has been given about this shark is that the eye colour is black, believed to be a female shark and that the height of it is 23 feet long.

The weight of the shark is believed to be 2 tons and nothing else is in fact known about the whereabouts of this shark now and or if this shark is alive to this day.

What “The Submarine” was believed to look like before vanishing!

More Information

So far, since the last sighting of this beast, there has not been another one since.

No one knows if this shark is real or fake due to a few episodes a week on shark week and some are claiming that this is in fact fake news, however others are saying different.

This is known as an urban legend as nothing else can be said about this monster of a shark. There has only been rumours and tales about this shark and other than this… nothing much else.

The shark has been seen multiple times by certain fishermen, however if the shark is still alive, and or move to a different location is a mystery and or if it is even a real story!

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Banner and Image Credit: Submarine (Shark Week Wiki)

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