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Summoners War! Verad

Summoners War! Verad

In this post we are going to talk about one of the best crowd control units in the game which is the Water Dragon with the awakening name as Verad. He is an extremely good unit for early game in terms of farming, the most used place for this unit is Hall of Heroes and Trails of Ascensions. However you can use him in places like giants and Dragons due to his last skill having a complete attack bar push back.

In addition this unit can also be very effective in the likes of guild war and arena. below you will see some defences that you can use him in for guild wars.

So as you can see I have one of each element this automatically make the defence naturally harder to beat. As said previously he can also be very useful in the likes of Arena in the screenshot below you can see two defences I would take him into.

There defence is seen as a sort of crowd control and big damage reset team, this defence can be very dangerous. For me on the offense I’m going to make the attempt to first out speed then reset cool their skills that then moves into a crowd control and nuke. Luckily that exactly what happened and I won with ease.

However when it comes to this unit I mainly use him in the likes of Trails of Ascension normal and hard ( TOA and TOAH). This is simply because of how effective his crowd control is and how I can easily pass though the stages with this unit being combined with my continuous damage units such as Sath ( Fire Grim reaper). Below you will see a team that I often auto with.

Now to talk about the runes, the most common rune build for this unit is that you will normally use the likes of Violent, Will or Violent Energy or Even Violent guard. For early game though the most common build is Swift Energy.  My dragon is built Violent, Guard due to the fact I want him to hit hard as he does damage according to his max defence as you can see in the screenshot below, the best advice I can give for this unit is that make sure he is tanky.

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