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Summoners War! Bastet!

Summoners War! Bastet!

This amazing unit which I’m writing about today is known as the Water Dessert Queen with the awakening name known as Bastet, this is one of the best support unit you can get she is very useful no matter what stage you are in the game she can also be used in most areas. I tend to use her in the likes of Arena and guild wars. She can also be used in PVE content as well as PVP.

She can be used to help make teams much more reliable too, this is due to her last skill which is a 25% attack bar increase with also a shield that is protonate to your level, even better she also provides a attack bar increase. This can be game changing as it allows her make your team much faster and get the first hit.

One of the core PVE content I use her in is front line rift, I love there she is tank and puts the pressure off my backline a lot obviously she is the most consistent in the Fire rift beast since she does have element advantages plus her second skill can cause a lot of debuffs and also help deal with the minions. You can also use her in the likes of giants and dragon, even Trails of Ascension both normal and hard.

So you can see the team more clearly there’s another picture below of the actual units I use.

One of the best places I think personally to use her and that is arena you can use her for both offense and defence. She just that good plus she can also be annoying at times. Below I’ll show you defence that I use for her and also some offences team that are really successful.

The idea behind this defence is fast and high damage so what supposed to happen is Bastet moves first and does her last skill after that Savannah will move doing a AOE defence break on the team and pushing there attack bar back, after that the water Fairy King and Kaki come in with big AOE damage and they win. However the AI in this game is very questionable.

The picture below shows a variety of different team you can use with Bastet for arena.

Now to talk about runes for this unit is very key that she is fast because you want her to out speed, unfortunaly she has a low base speed so the most common set that goes on her is Swift. Frome when I’ve asked around people have suggested to put her on Swift, Will just incase she does unfortunaly get out  speed so she is really good to combo with a speed lead.

As you can see from the screenshot above she is currently runed Swift Will just in case she does get out sped.


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