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Summoners War! Lushen

Summoners War! Lushen

In this post we’ll be talk about the Wind Joker with the awakening name known as Lushen, he is one of the most popular units within summoners war. He has this popularity for a reason he is known for being one of the best early game units and also for late game too. He is known for one of the biggest nuker in the game and it commonly used for speed teams in giants and is also used for Arena rush hour by quickly nuking down defences during rush hour.

This unit is extremely useful for both early and late game he is used for multiple areas of the game and he’s just simply amazing. In the screenshot below you can see him used in some arena offences where he most commonly used in.

This kind of offence offers a fast nuking strategy this allows you to clear waves extremely fast, he is often used in many difference speed teams just in order to get faster and more consistent runs which is very important for later on in the game to get faster rune and better requirements.

Now lets talk about runes so for early game people most commonly have Lushen on things such as Fatal, Blade or Swift Blade. When it comes to later game that then moves to Rage, Blade for the extra critical damage. My Lushen is runed raged blade. You can see that screenshot below.


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