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Summoners War! Helena

Summoners War! Helena

In this post we will be talking about the Fire Unicorn with the awakening name Helena. She is properly one of my most favorite units in the game she is a fire AOE defence break unit and has two forms. One where she an actual unicorn and the other where she is human. Fun thing about her she has many different skills set based off her form. When she is in unicorn she has a shield but in Human she has a big AOE defence break.

Unicorn Form

Human Form

Helena is a very useful unit I use he in many different areas but I mainly use her in the likes of Arena and world arena. However, I also use her in a lot in Trails of Ascension (TOA). However there is better units.

My favourite place to use her is in the PVP content in the screenshot below you can see an arena team below which you can you if see below. I use her mainly for her human form due to that doing a lot of damage.

Now lets talk about runes, the most popular rune build for this unit is Violent, Will. That is what I have my Helena on because she is super fun and can be insane. This unit needs to be tanky but also have max critical rate so she can cycle attack bar for herself.


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