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Rick and Morty Series 5 Episode 7

Rick and Morty Series 5 Episode 7

Rick and Morty Series 5 Episode 7 “GoTron Jerrysis Rickvangelion”

Rick and Morty series 5 episode 7 kicks off with Summer, Morty and Rick on their way to Boob World. Rick explains to Summer that she has been brought along because you get in for free if you bring a female.

Rick is suddenly distracted by a shiny object located on a moon, and he diverts to see what the object is. Morty identifies the object as a GoTron Ferret but only to be corrected by Rick that it’s the Blue GoTron Ferret. So Rick, on a mission to collect all 5 GoTron Ferret’s, cancels the trip to Boob World, much to the dismay of Morty.

This sparks another fracture in the relationship between Rick and Morty but strengthens the relationship between Summer and Rick.

When are then to the next scene at the Smith household to see Rick and Summer Suited up as operators of the GoTron Ferrets, where they invite Jerry and Beth to join them in an adventure to fight a monster attacking within the Nibblenug System. Morty Joins and starts to explain that now Rick has obtained all five of the GoTrons, they can morph together, but he is stopped before revealing the full explanation by Rick and Summer. Summer convinces Jerry and Beth to join, and they leave but only after a 90’s nostalgic ‘Go Team GoTron chant’ and musical overlay.

In their separate Ferrets portal, the Smiths jump to the Nibblenug System, where they come across the praying mantis-like monster attacking. They try to take it out individually as advised by rick so they can tee up something awesome. Individually defeated, Rick activates the Link Dock, Radifies the Intermorphs and Maxises PostiTrinos. With that, the 5 GoTron Ferrets Morph into a super Might Morphin Power-ranger-like robot equipped with a luminous sword. They kill the Monster and return home ecstatic.




Will, all the Smith family on cloud 9 from the Morphing of the GoTrons Rick, suggests helping alternative versions of himself achieve a complete 5 GoTron Set. Morty reminds Rick not to take it too far and not to become obsessed. Summer disagrees and explains that they should share the feeling and experiences they have had. Therefore, ignoring the advice of Morty. Rick invites 5 other Smith families from other dimensions to help them collect all 5 of the GoTron Ferrets.

We are introduced to the 5 other Ricks; Big Fat Rick, Ricardo Montaya, Hot Head Rick and Lil’ Ricky Wrap-it-up.

Rick proposes to help the other Rick’s obtain all their 5 GoTron Ferrets because they move to his universe to make modifications to the devices.

Hothead Rick predictably flies off the handle, so Rick destroys his GoTron in a car bomb style, and Hot Head leaves using his portal Rick replaces him with Yo-Yo Rick, whom Summer explains was on standby.




In a montage, Summers voiceover explains that they obtained the other Ferrets, and those ferrets formed 5 GoTrons which Morped into a huge GoGoTron.

Because of Summers support Rick makes Summer his Right Arm and ignoring Morty.

Morty warns Summer of Ricks obsessive behaviour but only for his concerns to be dismissed by Summer in her new position of power.

We are Taken to a nightclub located on a different planet that has been evacuated by the Smith Family, where they can hide from their enemies.

Morty explains that he has been demoted to Chief of Security and no longer has a Ferret. Rick, intoxicated, announces his plans to obtain more GoTrons so they can form a GoGoTron.

Morty is then approached by the original operators of the Ferrets, who ask for him to assist them in stopping Rick and Summer. Morty, showing loyalty to his family, refuses.

While Morty is away, Hot Head Rick attacks the nightclub killing Lil’ Ricky Wrap-it-up.

The Smith family blame Morty and disown him.

Summer also ends up firing Beth and Jerry. Instead, Rick has recruited Kendra, one of the original operators who has introduced herself as a member of a temp agency that can supply pilots of the GoTron Ferrets.

After being fired by Rick and replaced by Kendra, summer returns to the house in an attempt to create a GoGoGoTron. However, she also reveals that she has been in touch with her and Mortys incest baby, which the incest baby created in the below episode.

Morty explains that they will try to kill Rick, and he convinces the Smith family to try and save him. They arrive in outer space riding the incest baby that Summer has named Naruto to find rick being attacked by the original operators of the GoTrons.

They engage in battle and Destroy the GoTron Originals and save Rick.

Morty’s voiceover explains that things went to normal apart from alien bugs destroying the world and killing millions. After that, Rick never talked about the GoTrons again.




Rick reveals that Summer and Morty have been hosts to a parasite called Voiceovarians, which were the cause of the many Morty and Summer Voiceovers.

The Post Credits scene shows the bugs discussing a plan to travel interdimensional to spread the word of the cure of AIDS. Instead, the travel strips them of their clothes and turns them into screaming monsters, only to be referenced.



A family adventure of the Smiths never fails to entertain, and this episode is no different. Great to see a tie-in with a previous episode as we have not seen much of this season. Loved the digs at the Power Rangers and heist style movies such as Oceans 11. Not as many jokes and puns as in the previous episode but still a very entertaining watch.

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