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Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 6

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 6

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 6 “Rick & Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular”

In Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 6, “Rick & Morty’s Thanksploitation Spectacular”, what can you expect?

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 6 Overview

It’s Thanksgiving, and Rick and Morty are on the hunt to obtain the United States of America Constitution, which contains a map to locate the secret treasure in the Crypt of the New World. Rick uses a laser to open the vault to where the Constitution is stored. Rick asks Morty to hold the laser while Rick cracks the hermetic seal protecting the Constitution. Morty instead uses the laser, blasting a hole through the constitution, Abraham Lincoln, the Liberty Bell and activating a robotic female assassin hidden inside the Statue of Liberty, placed there by the French.

Rick knowing that Morty has just sparked another Feud with the Federal Government, seeks to obtain a presidential pardon. After attempting to speak to the president fail, Rick designs a. He plans to turn himself into a Turkey to trick the president into providing him with the pardon. But, unfortunately, the President also devises a plan to make sure Rick and Morty cannot trick him into giving them a presidential pardon by preparing for them to turn themselves into Turkeys, the operation he calls “Deep Gobble”.

We are introduced to Coop and Pregnant Mary-Lou. Coop is one of the marines sent to fight in the battle against Rick and Morty and is voiced by guest star Timothy Olyphant.

Rick and Morty successfully infiltrate the group of Turkeys after transforming into Turkeys. However, the Turkeys are protected by a group of Marines, including Coop, who have also been transformed into Turkeys. After learning that Rick and Morty have infiltrated the Turkeys, the President Turns himself into a Turkey to confront Rick and Morty at the Turkey Selection Pen.

After a fight with Rick, The president’s tracking pill he swallows during the transformation process is kicked out of him and is ingested by a regular Turkey.

The Vice President Orders for the removal of the President as New York has been taken over by France after the release of their Trojan Assasin. The wrong Turkey is removed, and the president DNA is combined with the Turkey creating a new Human/Turkey being that is now acting as President.




This President Orders the creation of new Human/Turkey Supersoldiers and begins to take over the world.

Rick Morty and the Real President are sent to the Feeding Chamber, where FDR is a half-human half spider being due to a side effect of the Polio vaccine.

The three Turn back to Human form, and Morty Kills FDR by setting him on fire.

The President reveals himself to Congress only for Congress to vote for Turkey President to Remain in Power. Then, after being attacked, the President, Rick and Morty Flee to Smith family home for safety.

Beth forces them to have Thanksgiving Dinner together, where Rick and the President rekindle their relationship.

They are shown a news article on President Curtis creating mass amounts of Turkey/Human Supersoldiers. The President states that the Crypt of the New World may be the only option and reveals no treasure located there.

The President recruits a group of Hillbillies, including Coop using a well-worded speech.




Rick, Morty, The President and the newly recruited Marines fight against the Supersoldiers and gain access to the Crypt of the New World. It is revealed that America was originally ruled by Turkey Dinosaurs that feasted on the Flesh of Humans. In the 15th Century, two vessels crashed containing two separate breeds of alien beings at war but joined in their hatred against Turkeys and freed the Humans by destroying the Turkey Dinosaur Race.

The President and Rick release the Aliens to battle the Turkey/Human Supersoldiers. The Turkey President reveals himself and plans to launch the Washington monument into space, which has a device that will turn all American Turkeys into Supersoldiers.

The two Presidents Fight while Rick and Morty Fly off to stop the Monument. The president also confirms that Rick has his Pardon.

Rick and Morty Stop the device, and The President kills the Turkey President, stabbing it with Corn.

The Post Credits Scene Shows Coop having trouble with reintegration as he feeds on blueberries like a Turkey after being transformed back into a human.


Another good episode, noting that really contributes to an overall story arch, but an entertaining watch nonetheless. Some very funny moments that do create a belly laugh and for the sake of 20 mins or so definitely worth a watch. I personally do enjoy the episodes containing Keith David as The President, and this one having Olyphant making an appearance was a bonus.

Interesting facts learned about turkeys in this episode

  • Turkeys have a 270-degree field of vision
  • Turkeys Sleep in Trees
  • Turkeys have no saliva gland
  • Turkeys love Blueberries.




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