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Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5 “Amortycan Grickfitti”

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5 named Amortycan Grickfitti sees Rick and Jerry night out going disastrously wrong, while Morty and Summer take an adventure in Rick’s Space car to impress a new kid at school

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Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5 Overview

Morty has a friend? Wait… so does Jerry?

The episode starts with Rick and Jerry in the garage, taking items out of a box labelled Occult Items. Beth joins in requesting that Jerry watch the Kids as Barry white had been played at the racetrack, and now the horses are pregnant. Rick tells Beth that Jerry cannot watch the kids as it is Friday night and the newly labelled guys night.

Beth leaves Summer in charge of the house, advising that there must be no parties and no vapes while the house is empty of adults. However, Morty joins and requests that a friend come over to the house. Beth denies this repeating no parties at which Morty replies, “but it’s one friend” Beth jabs at him, stating that for him, that is a Party.  Morty explains that the friend coming over is Bruce Chutback, the new boy in school, which prompts Summer to side with Morty in allowing the friend over.

Beth, Rick and Jerry leave the house but not before Rick warns Summer and Morty not to touch his stuff or they will die.

Summer, surprised Morty has convinced someone to befriend him, warns him that he will need her help. Morty refers to Summer allegedly shampooing her pubes at which they agree to work as a team so they don’t ruin the chances of gaining a new friend and elevating their social status at school.

The Boys Night

We next cut to Rick and Jerry in an alleyway, and rick pulls out a cube that we learn to be called the ‘Hell Cube’ used for summoning demons. Jerry asks Rick if he can use the Hell Cube this time, and Rick agrees. Jerry has problems with aligning the Hell Cube, but when he does, he throws it onto the floor, revealing a pentagram and opening a portal from which four demons appear. The Demons greet Jerry, happy to be in his presence.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5, Jerry summons demons

Credit: Adult Swim

The Demons ask Jerry what he has in store from them that evening, and he replies that they are going to attend a night that he calls Jerry-oke at a Karaoke bar. Jerry enters the bar leaving the demons with Rick, who looks unimpressed.

The Demons ask Rick if he is having a bad time, explaining to him that to them, a bad time is a good time as they love suffering, which in turn is why they love hanging out with Jerry as his lameness is their ‘Candy’. We are then given the true reason for ‘boys night’ and that Rick has selfish intentions only using Jerry to repay his debt to the demons by letting them enjoy the cringe that is Jerry.

Morty’s New Friend

We are taken back to the Smith Family household, where the bell rings, alerting Morty and Summer to the arrival of Bruce Chutback. Summer stops Morty from opening the door, allowing her to take a position in the dining/kitchen area sat in a chair with her legs up resting on the table in an attempt to play it cool.

Morty opens the door to greet Bruce, who generally looks unimpressed by everything. Morty guides Bruce to the living room and, in an attempt to impress him, shows him interdimensional cable, explaining that it had been created by his grandpa, Rick. This particular episode depicts divers who can’t swim.

Bruce Chutback on Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 5

Credit: Adult Swim

As Bruce looks unimpressed by what he sees, Summer introduces herself and offers Bruce ‘Sofa Wine’ that she says she has had stashed for weeks, Bruce declines to state that he is a ‘Hard Seltzer’ guy.

Morty and Summer retreat to the kitchen, panicking that they are making no progress in impressing Bruce. Summer decides that to impress, they need tools creating by Rick. When Summer tries to enter the garage, a hologram of Rick appears saying ah ah ah and referencing the scene in Jurassic Park where Samuel L Jackson is attempting to override the computer systems.



Summer and Morty then realise that Bruce has left the house and the exit in search of him. They find him outside admiring Ricks Flying Car. To impress them, they decide to take the car on an adventure, but for them to do that, they have to disable Ricks security system, which they achieve by convincing the car that Rick is in Danger. They then fly off with the song of Oh Yeah by ‘Yello’ being sung on Karaoke by Jerry. A song that is also referred to in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The full song can be found below.



They travel the Universe, generally causing Havok in a bid to impress Bruce.

Later we are then shown the car blackmailing Summer and Morty into joining the car in her ‘joyride’ as she has captured images of them taking Bruce on an inetrgallctic adventure.

The Car then makes a deal with Morty and summer that it won’t tell rick of the adventure they had if they can assist the car in losing it’s Virginity.

After a failed attempt to have the car lose it’s virginity the car goes on a rampage, and starts on a destructive rampage, scared that they are going to die Morty, evacuates himself, Summer and Bruce from the Vehicle where they are arrested for their crimes.

Beth joins the party

We are taken back to the Karaeoke bar where Beth has located Rick and Jerry using an app on her phone, she quickly realises that Jerry is being mocked by Rick and the Demons. Rick spotting her anger tries to explain that if she intervines the demons could become dangerous.

While beth is trying to stop the ridiculing of Jerry the Demons say that Rick has described her as very cool and invite her to drink with them, she takes the drink called Essence of Hell while objecting to their behaviour.

We later cut back to the bar to see Beth joining in with the Mocking of Jerry. Jerry still oblivious to the true nature of boys night goes to the restroom where he overhears two of the demons talking about how much they enjoy mocking Jerry.

Jerry confronts Rick and Beth about their behaviour, which kills the mood of the demons sending them into a rampage where they kill the patrons of the bar and then take Jerry Hostage leaving it to Beth and Rick to save him.



Another great episode of Rick and Morty and good to see the Rick and Jerry adventure of the series, also great to see Beth with another lead role in the season. Summer has really taken more focus this season which has been great and has really developed as a character, that has been on the up for the last few seasons.

The dynamics this season have really shifted between Rick and Morty with Morty have more a more adventures and side stories without Rick being present, and wonder if this separation is building up to an episode bringing back the return of President Morty.


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