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Stranger Things! Season 2 Episode 1!

Stranger Things! Season 2 Episode 1!

Chapter One: MADMAX

Introduction to the episode

The episode starts at the mid of night this time in a different city and there seems to be a robbery in progress by a small group of young adult and they seem to be a small chase. They think they’ve lost the police but there still hot on there tails. They take a tunnel and the police man think he see the bridge collapse but it didn’t happen at all there seems to be another girl that can mess with people minds of like El and she has 008 on her wrist.

Main part of the Episode

Now were back to Hawkins and it’s Halloween, we see Dustin in his house rushing around looking for something turns out all the boys are after quarters and Mike ends up stealing from Nancy and she chases him. They were heading to the arcade. We watch as they play on the game and Dustin finds out his top score was taken from him in Digdug.

While there was a conversation going on Will has another episode into the upside down and he see’s a storm happening in the upside down. Mike get him back into the real world. Then were brought back to the morning and we see Hopper going into the station. We see a guy called Murry trying to talk to Hopper that. There talk was about El but he deny it and get a call about Pumpkins and it get him out of the conversation.

Now were brought to Nancy and Steve in the car talking about Steve works she tires her best to help explaining the work. They start talking a little bit about the future when a new kid shows up. A new girl and a new young man. Who was getting checked out by all the popular girls.

Will opens his locker finding a note calling him ‘zombie boy’ When the new girl comes into the class. We find out her proper name is Maxine but she prefer to get called Max. Now we see Joyce at work with her new boyfriend, who is called Bob. Joyce seems really happy with him.

Now we see Hopper at the Pumpkin patch and see’s the mess as there were all the Pumpkins all rotting away and Hopper checks in the corn field. Then were brought back  to the high school where a girl handing posters for a party Nancy tires her best wanting Johnathan to come. Then we see the boys watching Max and she throws a note in the bin where the boy rush to get and she tells them to stop spying on her. When Will get picks up from school by his mother and heads back to the lab what seems to be for check ups. Even Hopper joins them during the check ups and then he has blood taken as more test are ran.

Dustin and Lukas were spying on the Arcade waiting for Max to show up they do find out that she is MadMax and she was the one who took Dustin’s high score. Then we get brought to the Wheeler’s home where Mike’s mother is saying he has to give up two boxes of toys to sell to pay back Nancy. He was upset by this but she doesn’t budge on what she said.

Nancy and Steve are at Barb parent’s house having dinner they find out that Barb parent are selling there house to hire a private investigator. Wanting to find there daughter. Nancy ends up going to there bathroom and cries because she can’t tell that there daughter dead or what happened they are sworn to secrecy by Hawkins Lab.

We see Mike putting his toys away in the boxes when he goes to his Radio and he tries to contact El it was clear he misses her and still had the bed set up. Then we hear the Radio but turns out it was just Dustin when he hears a noise from outside his house and he he thinks it his cat.

Then we see Will and Johnathan having an important talk and then we see Will having a family movie night. Then were brought back to the Lab where everything going crazy. Then back to the Will home and he goes to the bathroom and then he has another episode while in the bathroom watching the storm becoming worse and worse.

We then see hopper pull up in the middle of the wood to an old house where he does a secret knock and he enters. There seen to be two plates, then El comes into the frame and we see Hopper had been taking care and protecting El from people keeping her out of sight almost being like a father to her.

The Review

What an opening to the second Season! It was amazing we got some new characters and some new interesting takes about what happening even after a year later. We got to see some new things happening and we see some new things happening with upside down which is really interesting and exciting! Honestly can’t wait for the next episode already!






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