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Real or Fake? Shark Bitten in Half?

Real or Fake? Shark Bitten in Half?

Shark bitten in half, is it real or a fake?

The world is currently mysterious, no one knows what is on earth, and no one knows if certain animals are really extinct and or not. The sea is the worst area for all of this as the Megaladon, massive creatures, and more. Only 5% of our oceans explored, only time will tell if anything massive is lurking in the waters, but recently there has been something in the water that seemed to have killed this shark!

image of shark bitten in half

This image claims to show a massive shark that has been bitten in half, near enough, by something way bigger. Looking at this image shows a massive chunk out of the shark and looking at the size of the shark. It’s hard to say there is something bigger than this shark. It is hard to tell if the image is real or fake as there are a few parts of the image that show this could be fake. The mouth seems to be gone, look at the shark, and there is no mouth showing. The lighting seems to be a bit off. And, in general looks fake.


This image that claims to show a shark been eaten by something in the ocean has been proven to be… FA… Real! Yes, this image is real. What was it that killed this shark? It is said that it could have been two creatures, another shark, as it is told that great whites attack other great white sharks and or a killer whale! Could it be something bigger?

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