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Real or Fake? Baby Shark with Human Face?

Real or Fake? Baby Shark with Human Face?

The world is a mysterious place, a lot of things are being discovered. Sharks are becoming more and more investigated by the people, the ocean is still very unexplored, and more and more things are becoming discovered by scientists. The ocean is a massive unexplored and their could be something that could be out there however, this one isn’t about a massive shark and or a prehistoric creature being spotted, this one is about a shark with a face like a human?

This picture claims to show a shark that looks a lot like a human.  This image could very well be photoshopped as the eyes look a bit off, however this could still be possible as their was once something discovered similar to this and that was real, however this could be photoshopped. There was a few photos of this strange looking shark, however not much else about this other than a lot of YouTube videos claiming that it is real.

Looking at this image, I believe that this is fake, however the claim that this is a real picture of a shark that has human like features, this is in fact… REAL! This fish was caught in Indonesian by a fisherman and he even took it with his own phone! What a strange discovery this was.

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Banner and Image Credit: Curioso.Photography

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