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Real or Fake? Megalodon Sightings….

Real or Fake? Megalodon Sightings….

Megalodon… one of the biggest deep sea mysteries, however the hardest shark to ever find… due to being extinct. 

It was believed that this shark is extinct because they were unable to eat as much as they needed, therefore died due to the hunger.

As of right now, it is believed that this predator has been extinct for three million years.

There has been recent footage that has been found by someone on YouTube that could prove that the famous shark is still lurking in our ocean to this day!

Now I know what your thinking… This is a video that claims to show a real life Megalodon… What on earth is this claim!

The claim is so far off it’s unbelievable. The so called “shark” doesn’t look like a shark and even if it did… It’s to small to be one and a different colour!

Let’s look at the facts… nothing about this claim is real, however the video it’s self is!

This is a real video, but a false claim! It is in fact a Manatee! The video was made to grab the attention of fans, which worked as there is over 4 million views on this on YouTube shorts clip!

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