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Real or Fake? Asteroid to Hit Earth Before Christmas?

Real or Fake? Asteroid to Hit Earth Before Christmas?

Asteroids are a massive thing that could end the world in a single heartbeat, the world could be over because of one asteroid, if there is any issues with Asteroids, NASA will issue a warning to everyone to make sure everyone is knows about the Asteroid and what they are going to try and do to prevent it from hitting the Earth, however most of these are normally fake, however one recent warning could of been reached from NASA and this one will be a big one.

According to Express, there is a huge Asteroid heading towards earth and could destroy the world when it hits on the 20th December 2019! 5 days before Christmas, maybe forget about buying presents if this one is real. This Asteroid has been scaring a lot of people around the world due to it potentially being real. The name of the Asteroid is 2162582006 WH1 and is pasting and or colliding with the Earth on December 20th, however this could ruin a lot of peoples Christmas plans! The Asteroid is said by many to end the world, but is this real?

The claim that an Asteroid is going to collide with the earth and ending the world as we know is… Fake, however the name of the Asteroid and the Asteroid it ‘self is real, what does this mean for us then? Will it collide later? According to NASA’s near-earth object study, the Asteroid is real but won’t hit the earth at all. Dr. Paul W. Chodas was the man that said the Asteroid is in fact real but won’t hit the earth. The current path of this Asteroid is 3.6 million miles away from Earth. Meaning we are completely safe, so carry on with your Christmas Shopping!

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