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Real or Fake? Dinosaurs Caught on a Beach?

Real or Fake? Dinosaurs Caught on a Beach?

Many things can be spotted on camera, whether this is real or fake, that’s for the people to decide and or figure out. The world is still a mysterious place to a lot of us. Some people believe in things that may not have happened, some people think animals that were long ago gone are still alive, like on this site the Megalodon is the main creature that people still believe is lurking around in our oceans to this day. Some people may even believe that Dinosaurs are still around to this day, with some evidence to it too. Someone may have actually found evidence of Dinosaurs lurking around our world!

This video claims to show some small and quite fast Dinosaurs wondering around a beach. Looking at the type of Dinosaur it could be, it could be the Diplodocus or a Brachiosaurus or even a Apatosaurus. With this video being such a small video, it is hard to tell what they are as well as the quality of the video is awful. The video is a bit strange though, looking at the video the “heads” move a lot more than they should and the “Tails” move more than they should.

The video that claims to show a real life Dinosaur near the beach has been looked at and is determined and known to be, Fake!  A massive fake! This one is quite funny after watching it a few time, the average person will notice something is off. The video is in reverse and is actually a Coatis running! That was a weird real or fake one!

Banner and Image Credit: Jirsak

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