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Real or Fake? Is Putin Really Dying?

Real or Fake? Is Putin Really Dying?

With the war currently happening, there comes a lot of conspiracy as to why the war actually started. No one would have the real reason, other than what one man says to the press… Vladamir Putin! He has stated that he wants to take control of Ukraine to have the Solvent Union back to normal. Others seem to think differently, however. The current President of Russia wants more power, or is he doing this for his legacy?

The video above shows the way the Russian President walks, and some suggest this is the reason why he has started the war. A lot of people have suggested that Russia’s president is dying. A lot of people are saying that he has Cancer and that’s why he is walking this way, and or a sign of another form of illness. Allowing him to start a revolution as he wants a legacy.

President Putin could be the reason the war started, however, the claim that he is dying is not true at all. It is believed that he walks like this due to the fact he use to do something that required him to always have his hand ready to shoot. Meaning that he has his hand down and 0ne moving to allow him to always be able to collect his gun to then shoot whoever it is that he is ne

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