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Real or Fake? Go Pro Captures Moment with Shark?

Real or Fake? Go Pro Captures Moment with Shark?

Shark… One of the words that no one wants to hear when they are swimming! Another word that has had a lot of real or fake issues over the years. With one guy lying about a shark coming up closing to him in the waters of Australia, to some fake images that were surfaced around the world! There is a lot of real ones, however there are some that no one has a clue about!

Real or Fake? Go Pro Captures Moment with Shark?

Some images show a massive shark and that one image attracts the average person to go is this real or fake. Here is another image like that!

Real or Fake? Shark in GoPro picture?

Image Credit: BillsChannel

Real or Fake?

This image claims to show a man about to be eaten and or maybe a lucky shot with a shark on his GoPro camera. This seems impossible to do, however this could be a real image.

Looking at the image in full, there is nothing that looks out of the ordinary. The Shark looks in place and at the right moment, the water is going into his mouth and the shark as a whole looks natural. One issue is however, where is the bloody from?

The only issue is the blood. Where has that come from? This could be something from another pray and the shark came up to see the camera.

This is the verdict!

The image that claims to show a shark looking at a GoPro has been looked at and this has deemed to be a fake image! How sad is that?

Where is the image from? The image is in fact an advert for GoPro’s however without the shark!

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