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Real or Fake? Shark Eating Another Shark?

Real or Fake? Shark Eating Another Shark?

One of the most searched things when it comes to real or fake is Shark content. Megalodon’s to be exact, however the ocean is filled with incredible sea life and some weird occurrences. For some people, they may see something online and think “I wonder if this is real”, others see it in person and share it online, however others make it up and share it acting like this is a real image and or video. The world is a strange place, however this photo is even stranger! A fisherman has caught an image of what appears to be a shark eating another shark!

Shark eating another shark! Real or Fake Images!


Is this a real picture of a shark being eaten by another shark?

This picture of what appears to be a shark eating another shark appeared on reddit. It looks like the Shark was captured by the fisherman and then another shark ended up wanting him for dinner. It is common for sharks to eat other species of sharks that are smaller than them. Which brings a degree of some cannibalism, however most sharks are like this, meaning this is not unnatural behaviour. Some people will instant think this is fake, however there is some elements that show this is real and some that are fake. The fake part is the fisherman had to have got this instantly and took the picture, other than that, this seems real.

The image that claims to show a shark eating another shark has been looked at a lot and there is a conclusion to it. This image is in fact… REAL! Another real! Were on a role! First appearing on reddit and ultimately showing an incredible part of the circle of life. There is no chance this photo will ever be recreated as perfect as this!

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Banner and Image Credit: Dmitry Demidovich

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