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Real or Fake? Vampire Spotted in Real Life?

Real or Fake? Vampire Spotted in Real Life?

A lot of strange incidents happen when you least expect it, for example, certain findings in science have happened unexpectedly. With Halloween approaching, there are a lot of people claiming to have seen a zombie or a vampire, however, they end up being a massive fake as they are just someone in a suit acting like them, however then theirs some that no one has a clue about. There have been some sightings recently, however, this is one that I saw today and thought is it real? Or is it another fake?

This video from InformOverload claims to show an “invisible man” as they put it however to me this just looks like a Vampire spotted in real life. Now, I’m no expert on Vampires, however, I do know a few things about them. The mirror is one of them, they are known for not showing up in the mirror and in this video, a man walks by and you can see the mirror without the man walking by. The video doesn’t seem to look edited and it doesn’t seem to look fake. The video carries on for a bit, but you can see the woman still in the mirror and the man recording is genuinely shocked about this.

This video that claims to show a real-life vampire in real life is believed to be fake, however, we will say unknown as well. There are two reasons why this is fake and one of them is a smart but simple answer.

  • Clothes will still be seen?
    • Yes, vampires may not be able to be seen, but that doesn’t mean the clothes shouldn’t be seen.
  • According to some people in the comments of this video, it is fake.
    • Some people that have seen this have stated that this video is in fact a prank that was taken place by a magician. The prank was done by a mirror that is also a TV that prerecorded the other people and while the man was walking past the video was active, therefore not showing his reflection.

None of this is proven, but we will have to say this is unknown for now, however, this will more than likely be a fake. This has been deemed to be fake, therefore we will agree and say this is a big fake!

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