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Real or Fake? Giant Spotted on Mountain?

Real or Fake? Giant Spotted on Mountain?

TikTok is increasingly getting more and more attention due to this story about a giant spotted on a mountain somewhere and the story that goes with it is crazy!

Real or Fake? Giant Spotted on Mountain?

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There has been reports suggesting that a man has spotted what appeared to be a giant on top of a mountain.

Now this is all speculation at this point, however there has been a lot of attention around this with over 2 million views on each video until the time f his disappearance.

Is this real or fake?

This video was found and posted on TikTok by a TikToker by the name of Andrew Dawson. He uploaded a lot of videos about this soon after.

The story goes as follows;

Andrew was recording a mountain as he spotted what appeared to be a person, however with how far away he was, there was reason to believe that this was a giant spotted on camera.

This made Andrew hungry for more content about this creature, therefore he asked locals and they all said yes it is real with some suggesting it comes and goes sometimes.

When Andrew tried to go back at night, he got stopped by the CIA and he even recorded some helicopters seemingly over the mountain that he wanted to investigate.

After all this, he started having feelings that he was being followed and even recorded a car that was parked drive off once they began going closer and closer to them.

The last known recording of Andrew Dawson was on the 18th May 2022. Nothing has been seen off this man since.

The story looks out of the ordinary, however the videos match up if this is real. There is a lot of evidence that is provided here. Nothing much can be said about it.

Real or Fake?

This story has been looked at and investigated a lot by many different type of people all across the world, however this can not be determined just yet.

There is not enough evidence to suggest that this is real or fake as this story has been picked up from the middle of the year in 2022.

What do you think?

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