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Real or Fake? GoPro Shark Attack?

Real or Fake? GoPro Shark Attack?

One of the most dangerous creatures in the world are called sharks, or a shark to be exact. One shark can cause a lot of damage, but are these videos real or fake?

Real or Fake? GoPro Shark Attack?

Whether that video is real or fake is yet to be determined by us. According to some sources, there is an estimated 42% increase in Shark bites, compared to 2020, in the US.

There are many places around the world that can habit sharks, however Australia and US are the ones mainly that has them!

Sharks are responsible for at least 9 deaths a year, this is just an estimate. There are some videos that show what sharks can do, some are fakes, others are real and some are just unknown!

Is this video real or fake?

This YouTube shorts claims to show a real life shark attack caught on camera.

Furthermore, this video is only 15 seconds long and you can see the shark slowly going into frame and back out again after nearly attacking the alone civilian.

The video shows the shark appearing, almost hitting the man holding the camera and then that’s it.

There are two things I can see wrong with this.

  • There isn’t much of a reaction.
    • The camera seems to just stay in one spot and doesn’t even attempt to move at all.
  • The video seems to pan back to normal after the shark hits.
    • This could be due to the camera being on the persons head, however I am not convinced.

The video explains that it can be hard to spot a great white shark before it’s too late. Others suggest that this man is very lucky.

The moment of truth!

Looking at this video a number of times, I can only say Real! Therefore the video is real and or unknown for a number of reasons.

  1. The video doesn’t seem to have anyone shaking, moving out the way or any signs of struggle.
  2. GoPro seems to be the only thing moving, which could suggest that it is on the side of a boat and or pole.
  3. The shark doesn’t typically miss unless they move.
  4. Great White Sharks are known for attacking from below if they are able to.

In other words, this clip to me is real and unknown as it is hard to tell with this being a YouTube Shorts clip! What do you think?

In Conclusion, this could be a really good fake video, however the water moves with the shark, the GoPro does too, making this a real video!

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Banner and Image Credit: Dirk Ercken

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