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Real or Fake? Dinosaur Spotted?

Real or Fake? Dinosaur Spotted?

Dinosaur… Prehistoric creatures. Dinosaurs are one of those who no one wants to see. They were once alive roaming the earth but there have been more sightings since then! 

Real or Fake? Dinosaur Spotted?

There has been a lot of weird stuff happening in this world as we know it. We have seen that the Ukraine war is still ongoing, our oceans are still unexplored… and now we are seeing Dinosaurs crossing the road!

Recently there has been a number of videos claiming to show a Dinosaur spotted in real life. This could all be false however as it is believed that they have been extinct for some time.

In other words, there could be a number of issues wrong with the video, however, a lot of people will believe what they see on their phones and or screens.

Here is the video that claims to show a real-life Dinosaur caught on camera.

Real or Fake?

This video claims to show a real dinosaur caught on camera, now this was taken out of a video that was posted and posted on our channel as an unlisted video, as there were more videos claiming to show this.

The video looks real and even the reaction looks real as no one would move during this encounter.

There was only one issue when looking at this. This was the fact it looked like CGI compared to a real dinosaur. This could all be something to do with the camera he is using too as not everyone has amazing quality on cameras.

Furthermore, this looks like something you see in Jurassic World or Park!

Is this video… Real or Fake?

Looking at this video time and time again, this did ring a bell to me! There was a video released by the creators of the Jurassic world and this video was the first one that was posted.

Therefore this video is in fact fake! As well as the Mosasaurus video that we posted here! We were right about that one! In other words, a great promotion strategy!

Both videos were created by the creators of Jurassic World and this was to promote their next movie! Jurassic World: Dominion!

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