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Real or Fake? Angel Saves Man From Certain Death?

Real or Fake? Angel Saves Man From Certain Death?

From time to time, there are videos that claim to show teleportation, a lot of people seem to believe that this is real and they have seen it happen, however, there are only certain videos that claim to show it, however, most of the videos are either fake or for a movie, however, this video is a bit different… this video shows someone being saved from a mysterious person that seemed to be in the right place at the right time. Not too often people see things like this, however, watch the video below.


The video claims to show a man being saved from an angel on the road. This seems to be shot on a traffic camera on a road that doesn’t seem to be so busy, but suddenly a truck almost hits a biker, but the biker was saved by something unknown! The video seems to be shot on the 5th September 2012 at 3:33 am, however, there is no article about this incident anywhere in the news. Strange.


So is this video real… No, this is as fake as a video can get. This video claims to show an angel saving someone which is just video effects and editing to make it look real, same goes for it looking like a traffic camera, fake too! This video was made as a Chinese Marketing Campaign for a computer game called Dragon Totem Girl! Dragon Totem Girl is a games character that helps anyone and anything as best as she can! If you type in Dragon Totem Girl, the video will come up as the first search!

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