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Real or Fake? Alien Spotted in India?

Real or Fake? Alien Spotted in India?

From time to time, the world goes into overdrive, with the number of videos being posted about certain things, however, one thing everyone has thought about could have happened in India! There has been a number of sightings of Aliens, however, a lot of people shoot these down as fake, however, there has to be some life beyond the earth. No one has ever not questioned this, as there is no proof, however, this could be the proof we were looking for!

This video claims to show a real-life alien looking in awe in India, there is not much to this video other than seeing the Alien in the middle of the road staring off into the distance. This could be the proof we are all thinking of, however, there is a few issues with this video. Then again… How would we react if we randomly came onto another planet?

This video has been looked at by a lot of people all over the internet, however, the video has been deemed to be fake. There is no explanation for this, other than it’s not real. As there is nothing else other than a random figure there. Meaning no chance they could have ended up here! Another day, another fake!

Banner and Image Credit: Ronnie Chua

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