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Real or Fake? Black-Eyed Kid Spotted?

Real or Fake? Black-Eyed Kid Spotted?

The world has a lot of mysterious things happening right now, with a lot of ghost sightings, a lot of angel sightings, and many more than have been seen and made to be fake, there were a lot recently. One massive mystery that has come from all this is a ghost tale of Black-Eyed Kids. These are kids that have black eyes, in the name really! A lot of people have been reported finding black-eyed kids, however, they have been found to be either fake and or still unexplained as to how this happened, however, Caters Clips YouTube channel has got this!

This video claims to show a man spotting a Black-Eyed Kid on camera and continuing to run away from her and or him. The video seems real, as the fear of the man seemed genuine and seemed a lot like everyone else’s reaction, however, there are a few things wrong with this. But overall nothing to do with editing and or anything to do with a camera glitch!

The video that has claimed to show a black-eyed kid has been examined and looked at by a lot of people, it is deemed to be fake this video, however, the mystery still remains if these kids are real. Here are two reasons why this is fake.

  • Same position.
    • There has been a recent video that was released and the kid was in the same position as this video, indicating this video must be fake!
  • The reaction.
      • The reaction was not as a normal person would, meaning that he didn’t react the way he should have done.

Banner and Image Credit: Mike_shots

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