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Real or Fake? Lion Crossed with a Dog?

Real or Fake? Lion Crossed with a Dog?

There has been reports and videos surfacing all over the internet about a Lion crossed with a dog? Is this going to be real or fake?

Real or Fake? Lion Crossed with a Dog?

Cross breeding is one of the strangest things scientists have done. There are a lot of strange animals that have been created doing cross breeding. Mainly in dogs and more.

There has been reports and rumours of another breed that has been released into the wild.

This is a cross breed between a lion and a dog, this could be awful for everyone that is scared of lions and scared of how fast a dog is able to run, however reports and videos suggest that there is a strange dog that seems to look like a lion in Iraq!

This video claims to show a Lion crossed with a dog. This is only due to the way the dogs look and how similar they are to the lions look.

This is said to be in Iraq and could be a result of cross breeding.

There isn’t much information about this other than the claim and if this is real or fake.

Real or Fake?

The claim that this is a real lion cross breed with a dog is false. There is no way this is real.

There is a few animal experts that have confirmed this is a real dog and a real looking dog, however they could be severally ill and or have a tumour.

Sad ending for this real or fake, however this is the truth coming from the animal experts.

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