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Stranger Things! Season 1 episode 5!

Stranger Things! Season 1 episode 5!

Chapter Five: The Flea and the Acrobat

Introduction to the Episode

At the start of the episode at night with Hopper breaking into Hawkins lab, and walking though the seeming dead corridors keeping out of sight of people wanting to find out what really going on here. He finds two guard and manages to get what he needed and begins to go though.

Then we see Lonnie taking care of Joyce and tries to talk some sense into her and she tells him about everything and she clearly upset. Lonnie tells her it’s all in her head and reminds her that there’s a funeral tomorrow for there little boy.

Hopper is seen calling out for Will trying to find him when he come’s across Elevens room. Then we get brought to the boys where El is resting up after and she mentions the upside down.  They then figure out about the upside down world. They link it to some geeky stuff. Now we see hopper come across the portal that the lab had been keeping hidden. In the background you can hear Dustin talking about the vale of Shadow while Hopper is still exploring. Then he get captures by some men in hazmat suits.

Main part of the Episode

Now we get brought back when it still night time and when Johnathan tries to talk to his mother but Lonnie and Johnathan talk privately trying to say they all crazy. He tells Johnathan to behave and then for a poster to be taken down.

Now we see the morning where everyone’s getting ready for Will funeral and we see Will dog laying in Will secret fortress. While Johnathan getting frustrated at tying his tie. Joyce clearly doesn’t want to go and now were at Will Funeral where there’s a large gathering for Will funeral as we watch roses getting thrown in. Then Joyce is having a flashback to when her and Will were talking about dungeon and dragons as he drawing.

Now we see hopper waking up in his trailer in a cold sweat and begins to rip his house apart looking for something  frantically, turn out he finds a wire which means the lab has been listening in on everything he talk about and they’ve done it to everyone.

Nancy and Johnathan talking together wanting to find out what the creature is trying to figure everything out. Now we see Joyce sitting at the after party where the boys are talking to Mr Clark trying to figure out how to get to another dimension and he begins to explain theoretically.

Mike is there explaining to El about what Mr Clark said while Dustin is messing around with a compress and explain that there not facing true north and explains the Compress aren’t working and that there are a magnetic field that controls them. so wherever the compress leads is where the gate to the upside down is.  Then we see Nancy practicing a swing with a bat and lies to Steve about why she needed it as he came to apologies for the way he acted and shows he cares about Barb and Nancy.

Now we see Joyce and Lonnie arguing about how Lonnie doesn’t care about Will and he only after money and he begins to accusing her of being bad mother and kicks him out. Then we see Johnathan practicing with gun and Nancy meets him and give Nancy a try and she shoot can on her first try while Johnathan explains his past about how his Dad made him shoot a bunny. Then Nancy talking about her family and everything that was wrong with it.

The boys are now on the train track following the compress and El there panicking about it knowing where there going is where the bad men are. She is seen having another flashback to what she did in the lab going in something called the bath. She tires to get Mike to turn back claiming she tired however she was truly scared.

We then see Hopper turn up at Joyce house and he begins to look though the lights then we see the boys had did a complete 360 on themselves and they figures out that El been messing with compresses and Luke get mad and they all get mad and she tells them it not safe. Now hopper explains the lab had bugged his place explaining what he did and that Will body was a fake and people were covering it up and telling her she was right.

Then Lukas and Mike are arguing because El and Dustin tries to break it up and El tries to get them to stop and she sends Lukas flying. Then Mike get angry at her and it evident she is just scared. Lukas walks away annoyed and El runs off.

Night time came and Nancy and Johnathan are walking though the woods and Nancy comes across an injured deer. They both decide to put it out of it misery. Johnathan decides to do it not wanting Nancy to be the one to do it however it suddenly dragged away and they follow it trying to figure out where. Nancy then see an opening in a tree and looks at it for a little before calling out for Johnathan she then crawls inside the tree stump and she is now in the upside down and see the Demogorgon and runs away from it

The Review

This episode contained so much! so many exciting things happen I was so engrossed it was unbelievable. Watching how the charaters change was amazing and I was hooked and then ending of the episode left you wanting to watch the next to find out what will happen to Nancy!





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