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Love Island Casa Amor Review!

Love Island Casa Amor Review!

Casa Amor 2022 started on the 3rd of July, where the girls went into the casa amor villa, instead of the boys, over the next few days the girls got to know 6 different guys called Samuel, Josh, Billy, Deji, George, and Jack.

Whilst the girls were enjoying the company of the six new boys, the guys also got to welcome 6 new girls into the main villa called, Summer, Jazmine, Coco, Chyna, Mollie, and Cheyanne.

Over the next few days, heads were turned and connections were made, the most noticeable ones were between Josh and main villa girl Danica, Billy and Tasha, and Deji and Indiyah, over in the main villa Jacques’s head got turned by not one but two girls, Mollie and Cheyanne, Dami’s head was turned by Summer and Jay found a connection with Chyna, the unexpected Andrew found himself warming to the new girl Coco, especially after being told by the casa girls that Tasha wasn’t 100% truthful towards Andrew.

Thursday the 7th of July found the islanders recoupling, and what a recoupling it turned out to be!

Jay was the first to recouple and even though he was coupled with Danica, they both knew it was just on a friendship level, Jay recoupled with Chyna, and Danica then walked in happily with casa amor guy Josh.

Davide was up next and even though he shared a kiss with casa girl Mollie, he decided to stick with Ekin-su, Thankfully she felt the same way and went back to Davide – unaware of the fact that he had kissed Mollie.

Dami then shocked the villa as he apparently had strong feelings towards Indiyah and decided to recouple with casa girl Summer, Indiyah also had suspicions that Dami would recouple so she also recoupled with new boy Deji, this recoupling was very heated, the boys were laughing at Indiyah and her decision and Dami acted very unreasonable towards Indiyah, which resulted in some conflict!

Luca didn’t make any connections with the new girls as he was perfectly happy with Gemma and didn’t want to lose what they had, so Luca stuck with Gemma, Gemma came back into the villa also alone and rejoined a very happy Luca.

Andrew decided to recouple with his new girl Coco, due to him having a connection with her after finding out Tasha wasn’t 100% about her feelings, this was proven when Tasha, who left the main villa said to Andrew she would love to be boyfriend and girlfriend at some point, returned with new boy Billy, Andrew called Tasha out on being fake and untruthful which didn’t end well for him.

Jacques pursued himself as a big player and got to know two girls, kissed one a few times too, he kept saying he will just deal with the consequences… we were all shocked when he decided at the recoupling to stick with Paige even though his eyes had been wandering when paige wasnt there, unaware of this Paige returned by herself with a huge smile on her face.

At the end of the recoupling Cheyanne expressed that she was shocked she wasnt sat at the fire pit with Jacques even though they had a really good connection and Mollie told everyone that her and Davide also had a connection.

Watch tonight’s episode for what happened next!

banner and image credits: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

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