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Love Island Series 7 Week 2 Breakdown

Love Island Series 7 Week 2 Breakdown

We have had laughs, tears and just some uncomfortable moments this week! Find the best bits of last weeks love island below! 

  • We met the beautiful Lucinda & Millie join the Villa. 
  • Arron calls things quits with Sharon as he said he didn’t like the way she went in on Hugo. 
  • Toby called it off with Kaz as Chloe makes her move on him and they have a cheeky kiss.
  • Poor Hugo got completely left out of the challenge with not one girl choosing him to participate! Don’t worry Hugo the general public is rooting for you, we may see another Amber situation in which he wins because he’s just a loveable guy! 
  • Faye and Chloe have a chat after Faye went in on her after Chloe kissed Toby in the challenge. 
  • Liam tells Millie that he’s not really getting on with Faye on she’s not the girl for him and that he fancies her. They both tell each other that they are each other’s favourites in the house. He pulls Faye for a chat and lets her know what’s going on. 
  • Brad has laid it all out for Lucinda and says that he wants to leave his couple with Racheal (poor Rachel!) and couple up with her instead.
  • Jake and Liberty get ready and go on their first date! Jakes lets her know that Millie coming in has let him know how much he likes her and she doesn’t have to worry his head won’t be turned. They also shared a little smooch after Liberty broke the contact rule. After getting back to the villa reveals that she might be falling in love! 
  • Liam sits down with Faye and lets her know that he wants to carry on with Millie. 
  • We welcome Teddy to the house who took Faye, Kaz, Rachel & Sharon for a speed date in the hideaway. Teddy says he’s looking for someone who is fun, spontaneous, passionate and likes to enjoy themselves. 
  • While Faye was out on her speed date Liam and Millie thought they would take the opportunity to have a snog while she wasn’t there out of respect. 
  • Lucinda feels like she got pied when she asks Teddy how the dates went, and he said he wanted to go for a debriefing with the boys!
  • Toby & Chloe got close under the covers after spending the night outside together.
  • We were left hanging when Hugo announces the next recoupling, boys are picking this time and the girl no picked will be dumped! 

Things seem to be finally picking up on the Island after a fairly slow start so let’s see if Lucinda, Millie and Chloe (the naughty trio) and Teddy entering will spice things up a bit. This week has defiantly been better than lasts, lets see what next week brings and who Teddy is going to couple up with and who’s journey ended!

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