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Love Island Series 7 Episode 1

Love Island Series 7 Episode 1

Love Island Episode 1 Monday 28th June

The day has finally come as we seen our new contesters enter the villa ready to find love!

As predicted, Liberty & Jake coupled up together, we also have Faye & Brad, Shannon & Aaron, Sharon & Hugo and placed together Kaz & Toby.

We had the awkward first time meets and as usual, we got the slow-motion montage of them dancing and then the game began! We naturally got every year’s classic memes to follow Jake being one of the targets.



Jake revealed he had a bit of a thing for feet in his introduction so when Toby & Kaz picked out the lucky card of ‘suck your partner’s toe for 30 seconds’ Toby was the one that got down on his knee to suck Kaz’s toes and naturally (as you do) Jake pulled out his phone to film it!

Liberty and Jake seem to be getting on very well as Jake tells her he can’t wait to meet her Mum! Both seem settled but Jake says at the moment, there isn’t the umph and it might just take some time. But then goes on to practically humping the lass in the first round of dares to do a 30 seconds sexy dance for their partner!

Shannon isn’t sure if Aaron is her type, but the chat flows well and said she will give a shot, Aaron said she’s the only one that caught his eye but not sure the spark is there! She does go on to say that Jake and Brad’s personality is catching her eye. Best get grafting Aaron! Both getting to work… twerking for a minute as part of their dare.

Kaz and Toby have both said they like each other; she just wishes he were a bit ‘more gymy’ and Toby opened to the lads telling them… he just likes all the girls.

Sharon isn’t sure Hugo is for her, maybe nice guys do finish last poor Hugo, however, we have seen that in Love Island with the lovely Dr. Alex in 2019. Hugo feels like it’s a bit rocky as well but hoping s the more they get to know each other maybe that will come! It is hard not to fall in love with him with his humble toast with Sharon, Toby and Kaz. Sharon sucks his ear for 30 seconds as part of a dare.

Faye and Brad sit down and have a chat he says his willingness to get to know everyone, but both think each other are fit! They also concluded they will have to allow each other turns to talk. They both get up close and personal as their first kiss is the night’s ice-breaking dares!

Kaz and Liberty both seem like a cut from the same cloth as we very quickly see the first two girls to enter form a close friendship together, which people on social media absolutely love!

Chloe is introduced to the villa through a voice note she sends to Toby; the boys have to decide who goes on a date with her and once she’s in the villa she’s told in 24 hours she will choose who she wants to be coupled up with… let the games begin!



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