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Love Island Monday 12th July episode synopsis

Love Island Monday 12th July episode synopsis

Love Island Monday 12th July 

Ooooh, it’s the recoupling so let’s take a look at which boy picked who! 

  • Jake decided to stick with Liberty who have been together since the start. 
  • Liam chose Millie to couple up with and stuck to his word which we love to see. 
  • Toby coupled with Chloe as expected! Leaving Kaz vulnerable.
  • Brad coupled up with Lucinda, although his speech was a bit of a slap in the face for Rachel after she saved him for dumping. 
  • Arron decided to go into a friendship couple with Kaz in hopes she will find someone she really likes. 
  • Hugo was in a friendship couple with Chloe and wanted to go into another friendship couple with Sharon, in hopes they can both find love in the future. Bit of a shocker considering she had the poor lad in tears not long ago, we move. 
  • Teddy decided to couple up with Faye. 

Bit of a shock to the system but poor Rachel has now been dumped! Teddy finally got himself out of the doghouse on his own and jumped into bed with Faye. Some hanky panky was reported by the boys and girls, so everyone is well and truly starting to become settles, apart from the ones on friend island.  

Toby had a go at making Chloe breakfast, but Millie & Jake had to step in and give him a helping hand making the perfect breakfast date. 

Faye discovers Teddy has a scare on his bum after getting caught on some barbed wire! 

Liam teaches Millie some Welsh, and the guy doesn’t like baths, what’s that about! 

Spit the Roast was the challenge. Passing food from a Sunday roast into each other to make the best plate up! Mouth to mouth gravy and chicken thrown in the face. Arron wasn’t a huge fan, and I can’t say I blame him! Jake & Liberty chose Liam and Millie as the best plate of the challenge! Cleaned up and ready to go the group get ready for the night. Faye tells the girls she’s going to struggle letting her walls down with Teddy after being hurt by Liam. However later on share a little kiss on the terrace together. 

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