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Bo Burnham – Inside 2021

Bo Burnham – Inside 2021

Bo Burnham - Inside Bo Burnham has hit Tiktok with an enormous storm after his Netflix Original Inside. While plenty of his songs are going viral, many creators have talked about how the American comedian has managed to capture the mind of a millennial, just going through it but in such an ironic and comical way that most of us can’t help but relate to. Bo has filmed the whole thing in one room on his own, with no audience, no crew, just him and the camera. 

Bo Burnham: Inside

Rated ∙ (15)

  • Release Date 30/05/2021
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His intro song, all about getting locked up in our houses due to the pandemic and kind of addressing the fact that, well, we got hooked on social media and content creators! 

Healing the World with comedy, you honestly just can’t help. He talks about his privilege as a white man, the existential crisis of wanting to help but knowing how and how most of us can’t help but have a bit of a dark sense of humour. At one point or another, we all know we have said something or laughed at the most inappropriate times.  

Facetime with my Mom tonight- Oh, the struggles, we can feel the frustration. Holding their phone 6 inches away from their face, she’s covering her camera with her thumb. We don’t need to say anything more. The struggle is real, and we all know it! 

How the world works- Socko is woke. We just don’t get taught it in school, and now like many, we are starting to question what we celebrate, what we have learned in the past, what we are learning now, and how we can do better. 

Off to a brand awareness skit. Honestly, it beautiful. We have seen it many times before, and it won’t change the irony. 

White Women’s Instagram- Not one lie was told, and the ironic part of it as many creators on TikTok have gone right ahead and told Bo, he was right. While showing pictures of all the things he has listed and that they have posted on their Insta feed. As a white women’s, I was just in streams of tears! 

Cut to a little sit-down segment and Bo, tells us how he feels about people sharing their opinions and how he’s not sure why everyone has to have an opinion on everything all the time. Of course, we can’t blame him. Since social media hit, it is certainly more prevalent than everyone feels obliged to speak on any subject all the time. He says it is ironic as he sits doing his segment, and ironically, as I sit here, I write a post about it! 

Coffee Run/ unpaid intern- thought-provoking as a British person. We see it all the time on American shows, never really portrayed in a great light either. Why do they do that? 

YouTube insert, we have all seen these people sitting and reviewing video clicks. Well, Bo does his own. Couldn’t help but laugh when he says not a lot about the labour exploitation of the modern world.’ We do have work experience here and volunteers, but we don’t work for free in hopes to bag our dream job in a company. Then, by surprise, his reaction starts playing in the reaction box. Speechless. Then it carries on, and I enjoyed it. Each time he goes a little bit deeper, his reactions get deeper as he pulls the layers back of what he’s said and why he’s said it. We love someone who can be reflective, Bo. 

Bezos I- Another one has gone viral on Tiktok about Jeffery Bezos. The extended version is on YouTube if you want to check it out.  

Bo has a little lay on the floor. I think by this point, he needs it and talks about how he’s been thinking about how maybe we shouldn’t have allowed digital media to tap into the audience of children. He’s not wrong on this one. Social media has something to answer for when it comes down to how we interact with people and what we consume. This is all very thought-provoking. Tempted to go for a lay down myself now, Bo, Thanks. 

Sexting- There are no words at this point.  

Another YouTube video. The classic thank you video from creators. While sitting holding a knife.  

Problematic- This song addresses cancel culture to some extent and people being held accountable for their actions. 

So most millennials are coming up or have not long turned 30. Frankly, sitting waiting for that clock to change to midnight was anxiety fuelled.  

30- We were told we could be anything we wanted to be, and some of us have extremely struggled with that one. 

The internal voice of reason. We watch Bo sit with a projection of himself on his chest. There is something significantly emotional about this part. 

Steaming segment- This is just a full rundown of what we find on the internet at this point. I love it! Bo is steaming in the bottom corner while pretending to play himself. It shows he’s been in the room for 253 days, so he presumes it’s an escape room kind of game. This is dark and gripping all at the same time! 

Shit- Dark humour, real talk, and groovy beat. What more could you want? 

Welcome to the internet- catchy and brilliant, everything all of the time. This one went viral as well, and it is hard-hitting, three songs in one.  

Back to Jeffery Bezos.  

That Funny Feeling- the lyrics, it will be over soon can’t help but make you feel a little sad at the of this one. 

Bo sits down and explains he’s been working on the special for a year now. This is very emotionally raw. As he sits and says he isn’t well in the background, as he cries in front of the camera, he says his thank you and an audience cheers. This really shows how different things are when you have people physically around you and how important that is. 

All eyes on me- That was a lot of damage. After wanting to come back to comedy after 5 years due to server anxiety attacks on sage, he said in January 2020 he decided he was better and wanted to make a re-enter into the world, and the funniest thing happened (Covid) ‘The world is ending, honey it already did.’  

Goodbye- Bo sits down to record the last song for the special. You can see by his appearance that this was filled at the start of the year. His hairs cut and bearded kept yet the scene we see before this both his hair and beard are long, and he just looks in his words ‘done’. His demeanour is different. He was down in the scene before but hopeful while recording this.  

This was an absolute emotional roller coaster. I think this perfectly sums up how people have felt throughout lockdown. We went into it full of hope and joy, all the things we could get done that maybe we once couldn’t have, and by the end, just a little worn out and not quite prepared for what the outside world had waiting for us once again. So you do kind of want to check up on him and make sure he’s okay. Watch it. It is great, but brace yourself. This is a work of art!  


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